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2022-12-10 19:32OpenBSD: document creating flash drive on macOSChris Bracken1+23-0
2022-11-23 19:36OpenBSD: update instructions for OpenBSD 7.2Chris Bracken1+40-7
2022-06-05 21:58FreeBSD: describe security hardening optionsChris Bracken1+17-1
2022-03-22 17:13FreeBSD: reformat to 80 columns, plus minor fixesChris Bracken1+116-121
2022-03-22 17:03FreeBSD: consistent formatting for install bitsChris Bracken1+19-15
2022-03-22 16:56FreeBSD: add details about disabling emailChris Bracken1+16-2
2022-03-22 16:45FreeBSD: include domain when setting hostnameChris Bracken1+1-1
2022-03-22 16:43FreeBSD: FreeBSD starts with an F, not an RChris Bracken1+1-1
2022-01-07 02:33FreeBSD: remove xpdf from install listChris Bracken1+2-3
2022-01-07 02:32FreeBSD: add zathura-pdf-popper to install listChris Bracken1+2-1
2022-01-07 02:27FreeBSD: add zathura PDF/PS viewer to install listChris Bracken1+1-0
2021-10-01 19:42Add Debian install guideChris Bracken1+309-0
2021-10-01 16:32arch: add additional packagesChris Bracken1+22-3
2021-09-11 00:26arch: Add en, fr spelling dictionaries for vimChris Bracken1+1-0
2021-09-09 23:16arch: install rustChris Bracken1+1-0
2021-09-09 23:00arch: install base-devel and go packagesChris Bracken1+2-0
2021-09-09 16:28arch: install pavucontrolChris Bracken1+5-0
2021-09-09 16:27arch: use wofi app launcher instead of dmenuChris Bracken1+2-1
2021-09-09 00:32arch: add notes on idmapd for NFSChris Bracken1+18-4
2021-09-08 21:56arch: Add section on NFS mappingChris Bracken1+34-0
2021-09-08 21:05Add dependencies for grimshotChris Bracken1+4-3
2021-09-08 21:04Add net-tools to install listChris Bracken1+2-2
2021-09-08 16:54arch: Install media players, IM clients, and lynxChris Bracken1+12-1
2021-09-08 16:52arch: Update mutt-related toolsChris Bracken1+3-4
2021-09-08 16:52arch: Install fcitx5 for Japanese input supportChris Bracken1+7-2
2021-09-08 16:49arch: Install noto fontsChris Bracken1+1-0
2021-09-08 16:48arch: Install dnstoolsChris Bracken1+4-0
2021-09-08 16:48arch: Eliminate gnome install stepsChris Bracken1+0-8
2021-09-08 16:47arch: Install alacritty instead of rxvtChris Bracken1+1-1
2021-09-08 16:47arch: Install doas instead of sudoChris Bracken1+33-30
2021-09-08 16:38arch: Eliminate sudo steps prior to sudo installChris Bracken1+3-3
2021-08-02 16:46FreeBSD: Install noto rather than sub-packagesChris Bracken1+2-4
2021-08-02 16:45FreeBSD: Add install step for iwmbt-firmwareChris Bracken1+3-1
2021-07-29 16:52arch: update dhcpcd and ntpd instructionsChris Bracken1+44-32
2021-07-28 01:17FreeBSD: install mc and xdg-utilsChris Bracken1+7-0
2021-07-27 01:29FreeBSD: install mpv video playerChris Bracken1+8-0
2021-07-27 01:27FreeBSD: avoid mentioning sudo everywhereChris Bracken1+78-51
2021-07-23 23:19FreeBSD: add instructions for installing Sway WMChris Bracken1+43-0
2021-07-23 23:09FreeBSD: eliminate alsa installChris Bracken1+4-6
2021-07-10 18:59FreeBSD: Add blacklistd_flagsChris Bracken1+8-3
2021-05-27 02:24Update FreeBSD docs to use fcitx for JapaneseChris Bracken1+12-31
2021-05-27 01:42Document OpenBSD configuration under XenChris Bracken1+28-0
2020-09-25 23:42Add Nvidia driver install instructions for DebianChris Bracken1+25-0
2020-06-09 21:27OpenBSD: add note about dhclientChris Bracken1+19-0
2020-09-05 19:33Ubuntu: add note about lang-related errorsChris Bracken1+2-0
2020-06-22 22:13Add doas, Xen guest utilsChris Bracken1+22-10
2020-06-02 21:16Ubuntu: add note about multipathd errorsChris Bracken1+22-0
2020-06-02 21:15Ubuntu: disable password/challenge-response authChris Bracken1+13-0
2020-06-02 20:45OpenBSD: initial commitChris Bracken1+79-0
2020-06-02 18:06Add username/password for alpine installerChris Bracken1+2-0
2020-05-21 09:23Add COPYING: Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0Chris Bracken1+428-0
2020-05-20 06:05Update FreeBSD vt Japanese support sectionChris Bracken1+3-4
2020-05-19 16:01FreeBSD: add meson, renumber build tools listChris Bracken1+2-1
2020-05-11 17:15FreeBSD: add instructions for installing newsboatChris Bracken1+2-0
2020-05-08 21:30FreeBSD: add section on configuring pfChris Bracken1+113-0
2020-05-08 21:31FreeBSD: fix a typoChris Bracken1+1-1
2020-05-06 18:30FreeBSD: add openh264 to Firefox installChris Bracken1+2-1
2020-05-06 18:30FreeBSD: add gohugo for static site generationChris Bracken1+4-0
2020-05-06 18:28FreeBSD: add cmake to dev packages to installChris Bracken1+1-0
2020-05-06 18:28FreeBSD: add abook to mutt install instructionsChris Bracken1+5-4
2020-05-06 18:27FreeBSD: correct type in bash install lineChris Bracken1+1-1
2020-05-05 21:20FreeBSD: add sxiv, xpdf to i3 install instructionsChris Bracken1+9-3
2020-05-05 20:15FreeBSD: cover issues with Japanese + Compose keyChris Bracken1+17-0
2020-05-05 20:15FreeBSD: add dunst for notificationsChris Bracken1+4-0
2020-05-05 20:14FreeBSD: move X keyboard to Xorg sectionChris Bracken1+43-27
2020-05-05 16:48FreeBSD: capitalisation, spelling fixesChris Bracken1+5-5
2020-05-05 16:31FreeBSD: add flameshot screenshotting toolChris Bracken1+16-2
2020-05-05 16:06FreeBSD: add xautolock to i3 installChris Bracken1+1-1
2020-05-04 20:22FreeBSD: configure natural scrolling in XorgChris Bracken1+12-0
2020-05-04 20:02FreeBSD: reorganise/deduplicate instructionsChris Bracken1+232-205
2020-05-04 17:54FreeBSD: use jp.capsctrl layout in examplesChris Bracken1+3-3
2020-05-04 17:52FreeBSD: re-wrap to 72 columnsChris Bracken1+108-93
2020-05-04 17:45FreeBSD: add section on configuring audioChris Bracken1+14-7
2020-04-23 05:09Disable ChallengeResponseAuthentication in sshdChris Bracken1+2-2
2020-04-22 23:53FreeBSD: add bash installationChris Bracken1+4-3
2020-04-22 19:09FreeBSD: disable PC speaker bell in vtChris Bracken1+8-0
2020-04-22 17:07FreeBSD: Add Python packagesChris Bracken1+7-6
2020-04-22 16:57FreeBSD: install bazel, gn, ninja, cscopeChris Bracken1+4-0
2020-04-22 09:51FreeBSD: update Japanese IME instructionsChris Bracken1+14-15
2020-04-22 09:50FreeBSD: update firefox, font installationChris Bracken1+7-3
2020-04-22 09:49FreeBSD: add NVIDIA driver installationChris Bracken1+30-0
2020-03-10 07:30Add section on installing fonts on UbuntuChris Bracken1+20-7
2020-03-10 07:29Add section on installing language packs on UbuntuChris Bracken1+9-0
2020-03-10 07:11Add Dunst notification package to Ubuntu installChris Bracken1+11-0
2020-03-10 07:11Add clang-format to Ubuntu install docChris Bracken1+1-1
2020-03-09 04:53Add Alpine Linux install walkthroughChris Bracken1+94-0
2020-03-09 04:28Add FreeBSD install walkthroughChris Bracken1+501-0
2020-03-09 02:33Add minimal Ubuntu desktop install instructionsChris Bracken1+275-0
2020-01-04 07:42Add notes on NUC8i5BEK firmware blobsChris Bracken1+9-0
2020-01-04 07:41Add docs on installing yay for AUR supportChris Bracken1+23-0
2020-01-04 07:39Use underline rather than asterisk for emphasisChris Bracken1+2-2
2019-12-20 17:46Add audio section to Arch install guideChris Bracken1+21-0
2019-12-18 07:50Install zip, unzip on Arch installChris Bracken1+4-0
2019-12-18 07:09Update Arch install guideChris Bracken2+597-263
2019-12-18 03:30Update arch install instructionsChris Bracken1+53-7
2016-08-12 02:55Add install-xterm-256color-italic targetChris Bracken1+3-0
2016-06-29 07:11Add xterm-256color-italic.Chris Bracken1+13-0
2015-06-02 00:08Add tig, i3, rxvt-unicode-256-color. Get rid of annoyances.Chris Bracken1+12-7
2014-05-10 08:08Add python-keyring dependencyChris Bracken1+2-1
2014-05-10 08:08Split install-cmdline-apps into irssi, muttChris Bracken1+3-1
2013-10-12 14:30Add LaTeX supportChris Bracken1+3-0
2013-10-05 00:37Add libreoffice install stepChris Bracken1+3-0
2013-10-01 23:24Add tig install stepChris Bracken1+1-1
2013-10-01 23:22Add mutt intall stepChris Bracken1+2-0
2013-09-28 20:52Added Arch Linux install instructions.Chris Bracken1+209-0
2013-09-28 20:51Added Makefile commentChris Bracken1+2-0
2013-07-06 02:12Added abook to mutt installChris Bracken1+1-1
2013-07-06 02:02Added msmtp for mutt installChris Bracken1+1-1
2013-07-01 16:02Add w3m for muttChris Bracken1+1-1
2013-02-13 18:27Initial importChris Bracken1+21-0