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Author: Chris Bracken <>
Date:   Thu,  9 Sep 2021 09:28:25 -0700

arch: install pavucontrol

I use this in my i3 and sway config files to manipulate the volume via
pulseaudio on Linux. A long time ago, I did this via alsa directly, but
this avoids messing with the lower-level alsa and sticks to pulseaudio.

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -564,6 +564,11 @@ audio levels via `alsa-mixer`. pacman -S alsa-utils pacman -S pulseaudio-alsa +Also useful to have `pavucontrol` installed for editing audio-levels at the +pulseaudio level: + + pacman -S pavucontrol + Then start pulseaudio on user login: systemctl --user start pulseaudio