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OpenBSD: initial commit

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,79 @@ +OpenBSD Install +=============== + +Last updated for OpenBSD 6.7. + +Initial install +--------------- + +1. At install prompt, select "(I)nstall". +1. For keyboard, type us.swapctrlcaps or jp.swapctrlcaps. +1. When prompted for the hostname, enter the short hostname with no domain. +1. When prompted for an interface to configure, select em0. +1. When prompted for how to configure IPv4, use dhcp. +1. When prompted for how to configure IPv6, select none. +1. When prompted for the next network interface to configure, select + done. +1. Enter your domain name at the prompt. +1. Enter the root password, then confirm. +1. When asked whether to start sshd by default select yes. +1. When prompted for whether to start xwindows select no for a server, + optionally yes otherwise. +1. Leave the default console on video out rather than com0. +1. Add a user. +1. When prompted for whether to enabled root ssh login, select no. +1. When prompted for what timezone you're in enter "America" or "Asia". +1. When prompted for the sub-timezone, select the correct value. +1. Select the disk you wish to install the OS onto. Type ? to ensure + you're writing to the correct disk. +1. Use gpt to partition the disk as desired. +1. When prompted for the location of sets, pick http. +1. Set proxy settings as needed, or leave blank if none. +1. The default http server is probably reasonable. +1. The default directory is probably correct. +1. Select all sets (unless there are some you don't want). +1. When prompted for more sets to install, select done. +1. When prompted to exit/halt/reboot, select reboot. + +Create `/etc/doas.conf` with the following contents: + + permit nopass :wheel + permit :wheel cmd reboot + permit :wheel cmd shutdown + permit nopass keepenv root as root + +Edit `/etc/ssh/sshd_config` and set: + + PasswordAuthentication no + ChallengeResponseAuthentication no + +Restart sshd: + + kill -HUP `cat /var/run/` + +Configure basics +---------------- + +Install zsh: + + doas pkg_add zsh + +Install git: + + doas pkg_add git + +Install vim. The following command will prompt you for which variant to +install (I prefer `vim-no_x11-python3`): + + doas pkg_add vim + +Configure X11 +------------- + +Install i3, dmenu, urxvt: + + doas pkg_add i3 + doas pkg_add i3lock + doas pkg_add i3status + doas pkg_add dmenu + doas pkg_add rxvt-unicode