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commit ce404b21963043f967e550efdafac16bbf63d68f
parent b07c1d2c0248d01779f341d197146cebc0a1e2cf
Author: Chris Bracken <>
Date:   Tue, 22 Mar 2022 10:03:02 -0700

FreeBSD: consistent formatting for install bits

Also adds amfora gemini client to the list of packages to install.

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1 file changed, 19 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ b/ @@ -157,6 +157,7 @@ A couple reference articles relating to framebuffer console fonts: * [CLI・CUIなワークステーションを作る]( * [FreeBSDで日本語コンソールvtを使う]( + Reboot the machine ------------------ @@ -169,13 +170,13 @@ Install initial packages Install general packages: 1. `pkg update -f` -2. Install doas: `pkg install doas` +2. Install doas: `pkg install doas` (alternatively install sudo) 3. Install zsh: `pkg install zsh` 4. Install bash: `pkg install bash` (only required for bazel) 5. Install vim: `pkg install vim-console` 6. Install tmux: `pkg install tmux` -For VMs running under XCP-NG: +If running on a VM under XCP-NG: 1. Install Xen guide utils: `pkg install xe-guest-utilities` 2. In /etc/rc.conf, add: `xenguest_enable="YES"` @@ -192,24 +193,27 @@ Install mutt email support: 7. Run `pkg install zathura zathura-pdf-poppler zathura-ps` to install zathura PDF/PS viewer. +Install a gemini client: +1. Run `pkg install amfora` to install amfora gemini client. + Install newsreader support: -1. Install newsboat: `pkg install newsboat` +1. Run `pkg install newsboat` to install newsboard RSS reader. Install developer packages: -1. Install git: `pkg install git` (agree to install all) -2. Install tig: `pkg install tig` -3. Install python: `pkg install python3 python` -4. Install go: `pkg install go` -5. Install nasm: `pkg install nasm` -6. Install bazel: `pkg install bazel` (note: requires `bash` at runtime) -7. Install gn: `pkg install gn` -8. Install ninja: `pkg install ninja` -9. Install cscope: `pkg install cscope` -10. Install meson: `pkg install meson` -11. Install cmake: `pkg install cmake` +1. Run `pkg install git` (agree to install all) to install git. +2. Run `pkg install tig` to install tig git client. +3. Run `pkg install python3 python` to install python. +4. Run `pkg install go` to install golang. +5. Run `pkg install nasm` to install nasm assembler. +6. Run `pkg install bazel` (note: requires `bash` at runtime) for bazel build. +7. Run `pkg install gn` to install generate ninja. +8. Run `pkg install ninja` to install ninja. +9. Run `pkg install cscope` to install cscope code analyzer. +10. Run `pkg install meson` to install meson build. +11. Run `pkg install cmake` to install cmake build. Install static web site support: -1. Install gohugo: `pkg install gohugo` +1. Run `pkg install gohugo` to install hugo static site generator. Set up doas