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commit 755cb93b01471ac36aff4817989ff5a39321f169
parent c40438d588a1de08611430ef63efe79e1e3edc52
Author: Chris Bracken <>
Date:   Sat, 29 Aug 2020 08:57:44 -0700

Update vimwiki macros to better handle two wikis

Previously, jumping back from the home wiki to the work wiki via `kw`
worked but going from work to home wiki using `jw` wasn't. Adding the
wiki number fixes this.

Also adds shell syntax support for code snippets.

Mvimrc | 8++++----
1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/vimrc b/vimrc @@ -96,13 +96,13 @@ let wiki_1.nested_syntaxes = {'c': 'c', 'c++': 'cpp'} let wiki_2 = {} let wiki_2.path = '~/Documents/gwiki/' let wiki_2.path_html = '~/Documents/gwiki_html/' -let wiki_2.nested_syntaxes = {'c++': 'cpp', 'dart': 'dart'} +let wiki_2.nested_syntaxes = {'c++': 'cpp', 'dart': 'dart', 'sh': 'sh'} let g:vimwiki_list = [wiki_1, wiki_2] " Personal wiki diary index, new entry, task list -nmap <leader>jw <Plug>VimwikiIndex -nmap <leader>jd <Plug>VimwikiDiaryIndex -nmap <leader>jn <Plug>VimwikiMakeDiaryNote +nmap <leader>jw 1<Plug>VimwikiIndex +nmap <leader>jd 1<Plug>VimwikiDiaryIndex +nmap <leader>jn 1<Plug>VimwikiMakeDiaryNote nmap <leader>jt :e ~/Documents/wiki/<CR> " Work wiki diary index, new entry, task list