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diff --git a/content/ b/content/ @@ -14,16 +14,18 @@ the following sites: * [Flutter]( portable, cross-platform app SDK and runtime. Most of my contributions focus on - the portable C++ [runtime]( and - tools. + the portable C++ [runtime](, the + platform-specific embedders, and tools. * [Dart SDK/VM]( the Dart programming language is a strongly-typed, object-oriented, garbage-collected language with C-like syntax. Compiles to either native code (either ahead-of-time or JITed in the VM) or JavaScript for the web. * [Dart Code Coverage]( LCOV support for code executed on the Dart VM. -* [Quiver]( a set of utility - libraries for Dart. * [Fixnum]( a fixed-width 32- and 64-bit integer library for Dart. Dart's int semantics vary between - platforms. + native platforms (64-bit) and the web (IEEE 53-bit mantissa). This + library allows those with hard requirements on 64-bit values (e.g. + database IDs) to write code that is portable to web targets. +* [Quiver]( a set of utility + libraries for Dart.