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diff --git a/content/ b/content/ @@ -2,39 +2,61 @@ title = "About me" +++ -This site is mainly intended as a way to keep in touch with friends and family -back in Canada while I’m off galavanting in other countries. +This site is mainly intended as a way to keep in touch with friends and +family in Canada and elsewhere while I’m off wandering the world from +one country to the next. -After wandering aimlessly through various university faculties until I had the -requisite bits of paper, I moved south of the border to work as a software -developer at [Autodesk][autodesk] in San Rafael, California, just across the -bridge from San Francisco. At that point, this site was mostly crammed with -pictures from the City, Sonoma, and some shots of lizards and stuff. +I'm a software developer who's been fascinated by computers since I was +a kid. I wrote my first lines of BASIC and 6502 assembly on a Canadian +knock-off Apple II+ clone made by Apco, dutifully copying source +listings line-by-line from _Compute!_ magazine. Working my way up +through a Laser Turbo XT and a 286, I finally landed on a 386 DX +clocking in at a whopping 33 MHz. It was on this machine that I first +installed Linux from a stack of 3.5" floppies and learned to code in +Pascal and C. A couple years later, sometime in the mid-90s, some +classmates convinced me I should check out FreeBSD, and because I'm +used to it, but also out of sheer laziness, I've been using it as my +main home setup pretty much ever since. -After leaving Autodesk, I took off for Mérida, México, where the people were -friendly, the food was delicious, and the telephone calls were $3.00 a minute. -As a result, I dumped all the pictures and stories I could on here, mainly to -avoid of dying destitute and thousands of pesos in debt to TelMex. +At some point I headed off to university. Seven years later, after +wandering aimlessly from faculty to faculty through Chemistry, Physics & +Astronomy, Japanese, and Electrical and Computer engineering programmes, +I decided enough was enough, grabbed my B.Eng., and booted myself out +the door and into the world. -Eventually, I moved to one of the best cities in the world, Tokyo, Japan, where -I lived for close to five years, met my wife, and learned to speak, read, and -write Japanese. Our children were born in Japan, and it still feels more like -home than anywhere else. +Initially, I moved south of the border to spend a couple years in +California working at [Autodesk][autodesk] working on AutoCAD. Deciding +that this wasn't south-of-the-border enough, I packed my bags and headed +to Mérida, México, which sits neatly within the borders of the Chicxulub +crater where the asteroid that caused the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass +extinction event landed. I spent the year writing point-of-sale software +for a local art gallery, doing some travelling, and doing some teaching +on the side. -We now live in Mountain View, California, where I work as a software engineer -for [Google][google]. +A year later, as my visa neared its end, I started wandering my way back +to Canada via Cuba, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras before remembering +which way was north and zig-zagging my way slowly back home on +third-class buses. + +A couple years later, after some more hacking on 3D CAD software, I +picked up my few possessions and moved to Tokyo, Japan, where I met my +wife, learned to speak, read, and write Japanese, got married, and had +kids. I've spent the time since working on a variety of projects ranging +from equities trading systems, the Dart programming language, the +Flutter app SDK, and the Fuchsia operating system. I currently work at +[Google][google]. You can drop me a line anytime at [][email]. ## About this site -You can find the source for this site and instructions on how to build it on -[GitHub][site_repo]. +You can find the source for this site and instructions on how to build +it on [GitHub][site_repo]. ## PGP public key -If you’re a fan of crypto, you can find me on [][keybase]. Here’s my -PGP public key: +If you’re a fan of crypto, you can find me on [][keybase]. +Here’s my PGP public key: ``` -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----